5 Beauty Secrets for Flawless Wedding Day Skin

With the wedding date fast approaching, there are always last minute details to iron out. Even with careful planning, unexpected hiccups can lead to bridal headaches and anxiety. The last thing the bride-to-be will want to worry about during this final push to the big day will be skin problems.

Every bride wants to shine on this once in a lifetime occasion—which includes glowing skin. In order to show off your bridal beauty, it’s important to maintain healthy and blemish-free skin in the days—and weeks—leading up to the wedding. With these 5 beauty secrets, every bride can have glowing skin and radiant beauty as she walks down the aisle.

1) Start Early – Although many brides get too caught up in the planning process to think about bridal skin until the day of, beginning a skin care program at least 6 months ahead of time will set the tone for beautiful and worry-free skin. Choose gentle, non-drying, and sulfate-free cleansers to soothe the skin and prep it for the wedding.

2) Exfoliate – Exfoliation is a key element for giving your skin a natural “glow”. Even with regular cleansing, your skin can be left with a residue of dead skin cells, which are easily removed with exfoliation.

3) Moisturize- After exfoliating, it’s essential that the skin’s moisture be replenished. Choose a moisturizer, which is non-greasy and oil-free for a healthy, natural glow.

4) Makeup – Controlling shine will be a big obstacle for most brides as they nervously wait for that special moment to arrive. Mineral makeup is a wonderful way of nourishing the skin and giving it a healthy glow while exposing it only to natural ingredients, which will help prevent blemishes and breakouts while controlling shine.

5) Lips – When you say your “I Do’s” you’ll want your lips to be extra kissable. Since your lips will be a part of your glowing wedding skin, you’ll want to use a nourishing balm to keep them soft and supple as you prepare to take the plunge. Apply a natural lip balm under your lipstick or lip color to add a natural softness that will complement your glowing skin. As your wedding day fast approaches, a healthy skin care regimen will give your skin a healthy glow on your special day.

As your wedding day fast approaches, a healthy skin care regimen will give your skin a healthy glow on your special day.

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