5 Tips for a Fun Wedding Reception

1) Play Music Everyone Can Dance To
A wedding is a party and people love to dance at a party. So make sure your DJ or Band play music that will keep everyone on the dance floor – cuz that’s where the fun is! Sure it’s your wedding, but this is one of those cases, where you’ll want to indulge the preferences of others over yours.

The next most important part to get right when a Band is playing the music – make sure the “break” music is just as great. It always happens that just when everyone is out there on the dance floor having a good time, the band takes a break and the “fun” slowly dwindles. Avoid this happening at your wedding by discussing breaks with the band early on and by reviewing the music that will be played during the breaks.

2) Good Food
The best way to win with food is to go with what you like to eat over what’s fancy. Lots of banquet facilities have set menus because they’ve been tried, tested and proven to work. You’ll have great options like classic America, Mexican or Italian. Choose what you like to eat and sample it beforehand!

Great food makes great celebrations, but customizable food (so that everyone gets exactly what they like) is even better. Food stations where people can choose their own toppings and sauces will leave you with happy, well-fed guests ready to have a good time.

3) Thoughtful Seating Arrangements
Don’t leave this to anyone else! You know your guests best. One of the sure ways to sour the wedding vibe is with a careless seating arrangement. Seat guests with matching personalities together. This will promote lively conversation and help everyone have a good time. Even the shy table will feel more comfortable around people like them.

4) Surprise Entertainment
Surprising your guests with an entertainer and you’ll get everyone smiling. How they would love a Mariachi band circling the room during dinner?! Or a belly dancer to spice things up! There’s plenty of entertainers out there, but the trick to getting a great one is to book through an Entertainment Agency.

5) Entertain the Kids
To keep the little ones entertained throughout the night (and to give their parents an opportunity to hit the dance floor!), set up an area specifically for them. In a separate room, arrange for a babysitter who can set up movies for them to watch. Or designate a couple tables just for the kids and pack them with coloring books, crayons, and small toys.

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