Budget Wedding Tips and Commonly Asked Questions

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it can also be expensive. The average cost for a wedding in this country is $25,000. Of course, that is just an average. Some brides spend much less, and some much more. It is vitally important that you know your budget BEFORE you start making decisions regarding your big day. Below are some common questions and wedding budget tips to help you have your dream day without breaking the bank.

Q: Me and my fiancé plan to pay for most of the wedding ourselves. However, both of our families have offered to contribute something. What is the best way to take advantage of their generosity without causing them to spend more than they would be comfortable with?
A: While there was a time when the bride’s family paid for the entire wedding that is no longer always the case. If your family has agreed to contribute, one way they can do that is to buy a certain item. For example, the bride’s parents could buy the wedding dress and the groom’s parents could pay for the entertainment. Another option is to ask each family a specific amount that they would like to contribute and then combine that with your own money to cover all the needed expenses.

Q: My wedding is only weeks away, and I am a little bit short on cash. Are there any last minute budget wedding tips that can help me?
A: The most effective way to trim wedding costs, especially so close to the wedding, is to cut your guest list. While this is not a popular choice, it is the best way to dramatically cut the final cost of your wedding reception. You can still have as many guests as you’d like at the ceremony, but will have to make cuts for the reception in order to stay in budget.

Keep It Simple And Say No To Upgrades

When you are shopping for various details of your wedding, many vendors will try to get you to upgrade your original choices. For example, the florist may suggest adding crystal to your bouquets or the baker may try to talk you into getting a fancy – and more expensive – filling. If staying in budget is your goal, say “no” to unnecessary upgrades.

Open Bar?

In the Q&A section above, cutting the number of guests was listed as a great way to trim the cost of your wedding. If you can’t bear to tell Aunt Sally that she can’t be there to watch your first dance, nixing the open bar is another option. Having a cash bar instead can save you thousands. As a compromise, you could offer free beer and wine, but have guests pay for their own mixed drinks.

DIY Stationary

Another excellent and oft overlooked budget wedding tip is to create your own invitation, place cards and thank you notes. There are kits available that allow you to design and print stationary that is just as beautiful as what you may order from the printer.

Check back soon, as we often update this website with more budget wedding tips that can help you trim the cost of your wedding without sacrificing your vision.

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