Modern Wedding Tips

If you have your heart set on a modern wedding we’ve compiled a few tips to help you plan your contemporary ceremony & reception. For the modern bride and groom, the possibilities are endless. When you’re ready to start planning your wedding, keep these progressive planning tips in mind.

Stick to your guns when planning. If you prefer to sidestep themes and traditions-opting instead for casual attire and unconventional settings-go for it. This is your big day! Whether you have always dreamt of a day steeped in tradition or you want to turn your wedding into a beachfront party, you can make it happen. Remember that what you (both) want is all that really matters.

Include the groom in decisions. After all, this is his day too. Ask him how much (or how little) he’d like to be involved so he feels included in the planning process. The traditional mode of planning involves the bride and her bridal party feverishly working to put the big day together, but planning a modern wedding means all bets are off. Why stick to tradition when you can have fun planning the wedding as a couple?

Don’t be afraid of mismatched Bridesmaids. The fun of modern weddings is the ability of the couple to show some personality and style in each phase of planning. From the flowers (or lack thereof) to the choice in attire-make it your own. Give your bridal party some control over the way they look by giving them a color or overall style theme, but not forcing them into an unflattering gown, which is likely to lead to years of resentment. Have a little fun with the wardrobe for all involved and make your wedding day better for everyone.

Consider going casual. If your wedding is a more relaxed occasion, why stick to tradition with a formal gown and tuxedo? Why not opt for casual attire you will both be comfortable in?

Choose a menu that reflects your personalities. Why does it always have to be chicken or beef? How about vegan, ethnic, or other menu items that allow your guests to enjoy a menu that reflects who you are as a couple? This is an often-missed opportunity to make your wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to select a non-traditional day for your wedding. Instead of going with the traditional favorite of Saturday, why not go with a different day so you can truly set your wedding day apart from the rest? How about a Sunday afternoon or a weeknight cocktail party? Make your wedding day your own by choosing the day that works best for you.

Realize that traditions aren’t requirements. Remember this is your wedding. No matter what your sister or your best friend did for their wedding, your wedding is all about you.

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