Picking a Wedding Reception Location in Orange County

Orange County is a perfect location for a wedding and reception. It’s widely known for its beaches, beautifully scenic area and great weather. Nearby access to a wide variety of restaurants, quality hotels, and world renowned tourist attractions also make wedding locations in Orange County unique and memorable.

But if you’ve already started looking through wedding sites or reception locations in this fantastic city then you may have discovered it to be a daunting task. To make your selection easier, we’ve prepared a set of guidelines that you can follow when searching for wedding reception locations.

Knowing exactly what you need in a wedding and reception location will help you select the best one for your event. And by choosing a facility with the following amenities, you can be confident that your Orange County wedding will be unforgettable.
Courteous and professional staff who will make your guests feel like they are at home
A great location that can incorporate the natural beauty of Orange County in some way
Budget-friendly event packages that can fit a wide variety of needs
A convenient location that can easily be reached by your guests
Unique decor with skilled experts assisting with preparation
Modern facilities that can incorporate audio, video, and cameras

Although wedding preparation and planning can be a stressful experience, picking the right wedding location and reception site will help the whole process go by much more smoothly and make sure your guests’ experience is truly wonderful.

Selecting a first-rate wedding reception facility in Orange County will also eliminate unnecessary stress that often comes when you have to oversee every aspect of the wedding yourself. Choose a facility that has a reputation for providing unparallel service so that you can simply enjoy the most important day of your life.

Invitations. If most of your friends and family are computer savvy, you might consider inviting them via electronic means. You will save expenses on envelopes, postage and stationary.

Alcoholic Refreshments. Most wedding locations in Orange County will give you the option of having a cash bar versus an open bar. Or you can allot a specified amount of time for an open bar and then change it to a cash bar for the remainder of the reception.

Wedding Cake. Traditional wedding cakes can be quite expensive. Why not try dessert cups, assorted truffles, fancy cupcakes or even an ice cream sundae bar? Inquire at your wedding venue what desert alternatives they have available for your selection.

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