Wedding Brunches


The reception may include the most important meal of your wedding festivities, but many couples also choose to host a wedding brunch. There are several reasons that hosting a brunch might make sense for you, and some of those are discussed below.

Wedding Rehearsals

While rehearsal dinners are common, for some couples it makes more sense to have a rehearsal brunch. If the wedding is to be a morning wedding, it makes sense to have the rehearsal in the morning as well. You should invite anyone who is included in the wedding along with their families. Some couples also choose to invite any out of town guests to join them at the rehearsal brunch.
Bridesmaids Brunch

Bridesmaids often work very hard to help the bride complete a variety of wedding-related tasks. One way to thank them is by having a bridesmaid’s brunch. This brunch should ideally be held one to two weeks before the wedding. The bride and her bridesmaid’s would be the only ones to attend. During the brunch, the bride can present her gifts to the bridesmaids. Some brides do this at the rehearsal brunch or dinner, but a brunch provides a more intimate setting.
Weekend Celebrations

If you are having a wedding celebration that lasts an entire weekend, a wedding brunch is a must. The brunch is a great chance for all of your guests to spend some time mingling and getting to know one another before the wedding. Everyone who is on your guest list should be invited to this type of a wedding brunch. However, if you are allowing guests to bring their children to the wedding, it is ok to make the brunch for adults only.
For Out of Town Guests

Often, out of town guests travel a great distance to attend your wedding but get to spend very little time with the couple. Such guests usually arrive just a day or two before the wedding, during which time the couple is busy with last minute details. A brunch the morning after the wedding is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to these guests. This brunch would be only for out of town guests. It does not have to be a very formal affair, but it can be if you would like. Even if it means you might have to leave for your honeymoon on a later flight, it is worth the extra trouble to be able to spend time with these special guests.

There are many great spots for a wedding brunch in California. For Sunday brunch in Orange County, consider the Orange County Mining Company. They offer a champagne brunch and so much great food that your guests will have trouble choosing. This hilltop location includes breakfast and lunch selections as well as a full dessert bar.

For Sunday brunch in Los Angeles, it is tough to find a better spot than Almansor Court. Their champagne brunch features delectable selections that include the standard fare as well as seafood selections and sushi.

Pomona Valley Mining Company is the place to go for Sunday brunch in San Gabriel Valley. Everything from made to order waffles to barbecue ribs is available in this relaxed atmosphere.

All of these venues can take their Sunday brunch spread and create a private wedding brunch in one of their banquet rooms if you prefer.

If you decide that a Wedding Brunch is right for you, let one of the venues listed take care of the entire event so that you can focus on spending time with your guests.

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