Wedding Culinary Trends

While Traditional Weddings aren’t quite yet a thing of the past, many brides are opting for more exciting non-traditional choices for every aspect from the venue to the music and even the dress. So why not request your own take on the traditional menu?

Your wedding is your day to shine. Everything about it should reflect who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going. That includes the menu. Don’t let tradition (or the fear of breaking it) keep you from having what you want served at your gala event. Be creative, be unique, and be yourself with the following ideas:

Food Stations
Sampler Sizes
Cultural Cuisine
Jazz up the Classics
Individual Deserts

Food Stations Give Guests Conversation Starters.
There’s no hard and fast rule that says your dinner must be either a sit-down affair or a buffet. Simple and elegant food stations give you the option of customizing your offerings without making your guests feel like they’re forced to eat what’s on their plates. In a sense it’s the more elegant option which allows your guests to mingle, sample, and savor while giving them something to talk about.

And keeping with the “personal” theme of a wedding, you can tailor your food stations to fit your style and background. If you’re a beer and chicken wings kind of girl, why not have a bar-themed station? Or if you want to work in that trip you and your beau took to the Caribbean, how about conch fritters, seashells, and snapshots of the happy couple on the beach?

Jazz Up Old Standbys
There’s no reason for your side dishes to look like stains on the plate next to your main offerings. Think out of the box and add a little elegance to your comfort foods:
Mashed potatoes piped out of a bag create whipped delights
Macaroni and cheese deep-fried gives an old favorite a new twist —and some crunch
Foxy glassware used as serving dishes brighten up your place settings
Non-traditional garnishes (lemon twists on savory dishes, edible flower petals everywhere, or even spicy peppers served with the sweets) can all help your guests mark your special days as something unique.

Sampler Sizes
Go to any bar or burger joint and you’re likely to find sampler size entrees and appetizers. These little bite-sized delights allow you to take a culinary “tour de la plate” without ever leaving your seat. Why not give your wedding guests the same experience? Smaller sized portions mean you can offer more courses, more options, and more to remember without overinflating your budget. Burger sliders are simple and inexpensive, dessert shots are elegant and entertaining, soups served in stemware are eye-catching and elegant.

Make Your Wedding Yours
The edible options for your wedding are never-ending. It’s important that your ceremony, your reception, your dinner all reflect you, your spouse, your pasts, and your future. So don’t be afraid to make everything about you.

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