Wedding Favors: 7 Tips

When you tie the knot, family and friends will be by your side sharing in your happiness. As your wedding guests are ushered into the reception, they will be filling up your gift table with wedding registry gifts and items to help you begin your new life as a couple.

Wedding favors will be your way of gifting them something thoughtful as they share in the festivities. Today’s bride will be met with endless options in favors, which makes the process of selecting the right ones quite a challenge.

1) Time-Honored Favorites – For brides with a taste for the traditional, wedding planning is likely to include simple, yet elegant colors, styles, and music. Jordan almonds are perhaps the most traditional of all wedding favors, but you could also opt for sentimental favorites like cookies, disposable cameras, tea lights, or candies.

2) Color-Themed Favors – The wedding colors will be reflected in everything from the flowers to the décor. Color-themed wedding favors are an ideal way of emulating the wedding theme while offering a gift of thanks to your guests. Favors could be personalized with colored ribbons, labels, and other themed additions, which could be included in the favors you choose.

3) Favors and Escort Cards – Since wedding planning will no doubt include scrambling around trying to tackle several tasks at once, it may pay off to select favors that can also serve as escort cards. Knocking out two wedding planning tasks at once will prove to be infinitely helpful as you try to move through other essential planning tasks.

4) Couple Favors – The wedding budget can easily get out of hand, which is why it’s important to look for creative ways of cutting corners. For guests that arrive as a couple, you can create personalized “couples” favors, which will cut costs in half. Couple-themed wedding favors could include games, potted plants, and gourmet gifts that can be enjoyed together.

5) Be Charitable – If you’d like to be more altruistic with your wedding favors, consider substituting charitable donations for party favors. This could be a wonderful way to honor a loved one that has passed or pay tribute to a cause close to your heart.

6) Do It Yourself – More than ever, DIY has become an integral part of wedding plans for the creative and budget-conscious bride and groom. DIY favors are unique and can be made into a fun bonding project with the bridal party, family, and friends. DIY favors could include baked goods or other homemade treats.

7) It’s All About Timing – All too often, wedding favors are left behind when the reception draws to a close. Choosing to hand out favors at a different time is a good way to sidestep this almost inevitable issue. The favors could be on a table by the door so guests could grab favors as the exit the reception or be placed on the table at the end of the meal. is your source for valuable wedding planning information and the premier reception venues in Southern California.

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