Wedding Reception Location

Brides take their weddings very seriously and wedding locations in California are a big part of the wedding planning process.

Brides want unique weddings that their friends and families will always remember. And in a beautiful state like California, brides should select a wedding and reception location that allows the beauty of their surroundings to play a big role in the wedding.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wedding locations throughout popular California cities capable of delivering the beautiful wedding you deserve!

A relaxing and romantic lakeside wedding reception is not an easy thing to come by in busy cities like Los Angeles. But with the help of Almansor Court Banquet Facility in Alhambra, California, a beautiful lakeside wedding can be a reality for any bride. Their romantic facility is perfectly appointed for a beautiful lakeside wedding that can then be followed with an equally beautiful indoor wedding reception. Almansor Court can even handle all of your food and beverage needs because they are a catering facility. It’s the ultimate lakeside wedding reception site in San Gabriel Valley that blends beauty and function.

At the Orange County Mining Co in Orange County, California, brides can enjoy all of the beauty of the great outdoors without the reality of the great outdoors. An outdoor wedding can sometimes mean dealing with unpredictable weather, wind, and temperature. But with this wedding and reception venue in Orange County the beautiful panoramic windows featured in their banquet rooms bring the outdoors in. Brides and their guests can enjoy the beauty of Orange County hillsides during the ceremony and reception with the comfort and convenience of an indoor wedding – A truly unique wedding and reception venue!

Pomona Valley Mining Company in the Inland Empire, California, also boasts picture windows with panoramic views. However, Pomona Valley Mining Company adds the charm of a gazebo to the mix. Brides can have their dreams of a gazebo wedding come true along with all the beauty and comfort of an indoor wedding at our Banquet Facility. Not far from Orange County, our charming indoor gazebo is a truly unique spot for weddings of any size.

Quiet Cannon has really cornered the market when it comes to wedding venues that offer outdoor wedding ceremonies. A rare find amongst wedding locations, their beautifully appointed gazebo and ceremony garden make for picturesque outdoor weddings of almost any size. The beautiful golf course grounds and Los Angeles skyline can match the grandeur of larger outdoor garden weddings. Yet, the ceremony garden is quaint enough for more intimate weddings as well.

Best of all, guests will enjoy a spectacularly catered meal and the convenience of an onsite hotel at Quiet Cannon. This banquet facility in Los Angeles proves that outdoor weddings can be beautiful and memorable, as well as convenient and functional with the right wedding venue in Los Angeles. We invite you to stop by for our Sunday Brunch and tour the beautiful facilities in person.

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